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Need maintenance done to your roof in Springfield or Eugene, OR?

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Roof Maintenance
High Ridge Roofing And Construction LLC offers a variety of roof maintenance techniques for both commercial and residential roofing. Algae resistant shingles are an efficient roofing tactic. These shingles look similar to regular shingles yet they are made specially to prevent the growth of algae. In addition, like algae, moss can provide a large issue on your roof. Our roofing contractors offer moss removal treatments to provide your roof with the maintenance it needs. Several other roof maintenance treatments include debris removal, gutter cleaning, interior and exterior inspections for both commercial and residential roofs.

Roof leak repair
Notice a leak in your roof? Do you have water stains on your ceiling? Have High Ridge Roofing And Construction LLC come repair your roof's leak. When repairing a leak in your roof, the first step is to locate where the leak is coming from by doing a simple roof inspection. Once the leak has been located our roofing contractors will use the tools needed to repair your leak and any surrounding damage caused by the leak. After the leak has been repaired, a test should be preformed to make sure there will be no further issues and the leak has been fully repaired.

Roof repair
If there is a problem with your residential or commercial roof, High Ridge Roofing And Construction LLC is your solution. Roof repair services are available on all types of roofs. We offer emergency roof repair services, we want your family or employees to be safe so we make ourselves available to fix your roofing repair needs. No one makes plans for severe storm damage or premature aging of a roof, that leads to you having to have your roof repaired. Let our roofing contractors take the stress off of you, call us today to repair your roof!